Live better, new career in America!

Unemployment is at a record low in America. Now is the best time to start a new life in the US.

America has been the world’s largest economy since 1871 and is still growing stronger. While the unemployment rate is at a record low, more jobs are still being created. While many Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai and SK have built or are in the process of building factories and offices in the US; these companies experience scarcity of qualifying workers.

We are looking for adventurous people like yourself with experiences in the following industries.

  • Consumer Electronics (Washer and Dryer)
  • Automobile manufacturing Learn More
  • Battery manufacturing
  • Beauty and care industry
  • Information technologyLearn More

How To Apply

Please email a copy of your latest resume in Korean and English to Be sure to provide past job descriptions and skills in details. Upon reviewing your resume, we can have a phone interview and/or a face to face meeting. We will then arrange a job interview with our clients upon meeting all qualifications.

Contact Us

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Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 07632

V.P. Kris Choi
US 1- 201 313 1641

John Jeong | CEO & President

Who We Are

We are a fast-growing HR solution provider connecting Koreans to Korean companies in the US. We provide a wide range of recruitment and staffing services to renowned companies such as Samsung SDS, LG CNS, Hanwha etc. We find talented workers from all over the world for the US Korean companies so they can enjoy the American dream.

Who You Are

You have courage, ingenuity and sense of adventure to live a life beyond Korea. America is built by people like you and they welcome people with pioneer spirit. You can be a single or married with family, America welcomes all. Preferably you have a college degree and have some work experience in the industries that are in high demand.

How it works

Once a client decides to work with you, IN2U HR will hire you as one of our employees and we will arrange all legal documents to help you move to the US. In2U HR will finance all costs in acquiring a work visa and permanent resident card so there is no initial cost upfront. Once you start working, IN2U HR will arrange a two-year payback plan so that you pay as you go without having to pay all at once.

This process will take about four weeks.


Why I should work in the US?

  • Great jobs and high paying salary opportunities. Your experience might be worth a lot more in the US than in Korea. Please review the salary of available jobs.

  • America is becoming increasingly Korean friendly. There are Korean communities just about every where. You will find Korean supermarkets, restaurants, churches and other cultural support in most of US cities. You will not feel like giving up your Korean lifestyle.

  • You can live a fulfilling life. America is founded on idea of individual freedom. Your children can become just about anything they want given that they work hard toward their dream. Based on your work experience and background, our immigration attorney will determine your qualification. Once qualified, our attorney will execute the immigration process and inform you when you can come to the US.

How much does it cost to arrange work visa and permanent residential stature?

The cost of acquiring work visa to permanent residential stature varies depending on your qualification and your family size. We estimate $20,000 for a single person and $2,000 per additional family members. IN2U HR will finance all costs so that you can pay back when you start working.

What if things don’t work out with the company I am working?

IN2U HR understands things may not always work out the way you planned. If you get laid off or want to work for another company, we can certainly arrange that. We will find you a new job so that you can continue to build your American dream without a disruption.

What if I decide not to move to the US or decide to move back to Korea after I signed with IN2U HR to work in the US?

While we trust that people usually stay committed for an important life decision, but things do happen, and we like to provide an exit plan in such cases. Incumbent will be required to payback any cost incurred processing your documentation.

How can I trust IN2U HR?

IN2U HR was founded by John Jeong on September 2013. Prior to IN2U HR, John Jeong worked for a recruitment company for 11 years managing over 300 clients. IN2U HR is now top 3 recruitment companies within the Korean-American community.